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Documentary //
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Greetings from Summerland (2024) – Joey Szalkiewicz & Harry Rabin – SBIFF Official Selection

Co-Producer, Assistant Editor

In the birthplace of offshore oil exploration, industrial ambition chose to neglect our delicate relationship with the ocean. A century later, a new tide of powerful voices arrives.

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The Crisis Scientists (2024) – Carey McKenzie & Holly Becker

Arresting Science (2023) – Holly Becker & Carey McKenzie

Editor, Additional Photography

Climate scientists around the world, desperate to be heard and believed, turn to drastic measures  to convince the public to take action.

Non-Profit & Promotional //
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An Evening at the Sustainable Seafood Soirée (2023) – Blue Generation at the Explorer's Club's World Ocean's Week 2023

Editor, Director

Sustainable Seafood Connoisseur Grace Cordsen peruses The Exploer's Club's Susitainable Seafood Soirée during World Ocean's Week 2023, and hears from various vendors about their take on sustainability in ocean cuisine.

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Sea Youth Rise Up (2023) – The Ocean Project in partnership with Big Blue & You and EarthEcho International


In June 2023, the #SeaYouthRiseUp Campaign brought 10 incredible young leaders to Washington, DC for World Ocean Day and Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2023!

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