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Don't Gnocchit 'till You Try It

Location: Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers, Paddington, QLD, Australia

This is by far the best option on the menu: Wild mushroom and truffle sauce. (The slow cooked Bolognese shown in the corner is a good bet too). Honestly its all good. Try all of them.

Budget: AUD$13(takeaway)-$15(dine-in)

I've probably mentioned this before, but food is truly the greatest driver of exploration on this planet. Wanting to travel and try different international (and local!) foods has been one of the main reasons why I've added countries to my list.

You might not think of Australia as a culinary center of the world (see Vegemite post: I definitely didn't, but Australia, much like my home country in the United States, is a beautiful melting pot of cultures. Just as California boasts some of the best Mexican food north of the border, Australia holds dear the culinary culture of neighboring countries like Thailand and India, as well as some further neighbors like Lebanon, Greece, and for our purposes, Italy.

I present to you, Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers, a beacon of soft pillowy light in downtown Paddington, outside of Brisbane City.

Be you vegetarian, meat eater, or struggling gluten-free like myself, you too can enjoy what true heaven balled up into clouds and soaked in rich sauce tastes like.

The environment is cute and modern, with a wooden bar along the windowed wall inside, and scattered outdoor seating with thick red blankets provided at every table for comfort on a cold night (to be honest it hasn't been cold once here in sub-tropical Brisbane but its the thought that counts). As far as traveling on a budget, the dishes are reasonably priced and it's even cheaper if you order takeaway ("to-go" for my American friends).

Their menu only has a couple of options which makes choosing eaaaaaasyyyy (definitely go for the wild mushroom and truffle sauce shown in the photo above). They also offer "Italian mopping bread" which my gluten-consuming friends tell me is the perfect combination of soft and spongey for absorbing that leftover sauce.

If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting Gnocchi Gnocchi Brother's at least once, I know I've spent more than I'd care to admit on their pillowy Italian goodness.

Until next time,

Cheers mates!

(check them out on instagram @gnocchignocchibrothers)

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